Everyday noises are not only uncomfortable but also dangerous. Any sound exposure above the 80 dB line limit is considered dangerous by international safety regulations. Even though 80Db takes years to develop any significant damage,  the same can not be said for higher decibel levels.


Higher sounds, especially over 100 dB can give you instant hearing damage especially tinnitus. Regardless of being aware of potential damages of hearing loss, many people still avoid using hearing protection. simply because they are uncomfortable to wear and hear surrounding with.


Unlike other earplugs, Tinnitus shield comes with 4 sized tips to make sure it creates a perfect seal. Moreover, its patent pending membrane filter is designed to suppress noises in a natural way.

Tinnitus Shield embraces a unique membrane filter that absorb sound waves more evenly and create a more natural sound suppression. This patent pending membrane filter is designed to act as your second eardum and protect your hearing.

Tested & Certified

Tinnitus shield was developed and manufactured only subsequent intensive consultations from leading physicians and medical professionals. They conform to Australian and European Union regulations.


This product certifies to the Medical Device Directives of Australia and the European Union. You can enjoy using your earplugs knowing they have been manufactured to the highest standards.


"A creative unique way to protect hearing"

Dr. Mark Brenner PhD



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